Tatla, et al. v. Western Dental Services, Inc.

On 10/22/13, GBDH, along with co-counsel Sohn Legal Group, filed a class action complaint in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of dental professionals against Western Dental Services, Inc.  The three plaintiffs allege that Western Dental employed them as skilled “day laborers.”  Western Dental did not pay them as salaried professionals, but only paid them on the days that they worked a full day.  The plaintiffs also allege that Western Dental failed to reimburse them for all necessary business expenses, including for mileage for driving to offices other than their home offices.  The plaintiffs seek to bring the case as a class action on behalf of all dental professionals employed by Western Dental in California since 10/22/09.

Please contact us at 510-763-9800 if you want more information about the case.  The attorneys on the case are Laura L. Ho and Katrina Eiland.