Have you been denied health insurance coverage for care related to gender transition?

Our law firm is investigating employer healthcare plans that exclude from coverage services related to gender dysphoria.  If your employer provides your health insurance, and you have been denied coverage for transition-related care, please contact us for a case evaluation.  Transition-related care includes treatments such as hormone therapy, blood work, surgery, and counseling.

Federal law protects employees from discrimination based on sex.  Courts and administrative agencies have increasingly recognized that discrimination based on sex includes discrimination based on gender identity and transgender status.  Some state laws also protect employees from discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and transgender status.

If you are interested in discussing your healthcare plan so that we can assess whether you have a claim, please contact attorney Ginger Grimes at (510) 763-9800 or by email at  We will treat all communications you have with our law firm regarding your potential claim as confidential.

The information on this flyer is not intended as legal advice.

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