Terry et al., v. Wasatch Advantage Group, LLC, et al.

The case U.S. ex rel Terry, et al. v. Wasatch Advantage Group, et al. is a certified California class action and a federal False Claims Act case challenging Wasatch’s practices related to requiring Section 8 tenants to pay add-on charges for items like washers and dryers, renter’s insurance, parking, storage space, internet and cable services, month-to-month lease fees, “RentPlus” (a credit reporting service), and pet-related fees.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California certified two classes of current and former Wasatch tenants in California based on their participation in the Section 8 program and their payment of additional service charges.  Notice to the Reimbursement Class was sent in spring of 2020.  The Injunctive Relief Class is seeking changes to Wasatch’s practices to protect the rights of Section 8 tenants.

In addition to the California class claims, the lawsuit is seeking damages and penalties on behalf of the federal government based on the Section 8 voucher payments that Wasatch accepted while falsely certifying that it was in compliance with Section 8 program rules. These claims apply to all of Wasatch’s properties, including properties in Utah, Arizona, and Washington.

GBDH and co-counsel Law Offices of Andrew Wolff, PCCentro Legal De La Raza, and Impact Fund have been appointed Class Counsel. If you have questions about this case, please e-mail wasatchclassaction@gbdhlegal.com or call (888) 316-8870.

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