GBDH’s Lashbrook v. City of San Jose Settlement is Featured in San Jose Spotlight

April 9, 2021

On April 5, 2021, San Jose Spotlight published an article on the Lashbrook v. City of San Jose  case, which resulted in a $130 million class action settlement that will improve the accessibility of the City of San Jose’s curb ramp system.  GBDH attorney Andrew Lee is quoted in the article, commenting that “curb ramps for people in wheelchairs are essential for everyday things. They’re necessary for people with disabilities to hold a steady job, do grocery shopping and engage in civic life. It’s just critical, and I don’t think a lot of folks realize that.”  The article also highlighted the role of plaintiff Artie Lashbrook, who “played a major role in convincing the city to work cooperatively and proactively on an issue that affects thousands of people every day.”