GBDH Mourns the Loss of Our Friend and Colleague Larry Paradis

August 1, 2016

Larry Paradis was a one of the country’s most talented, brilliant, and accomplished disability rights trail blazers. He also was a deeply good, decent, caring, and giving person, with the highest integrity. Larry broke down barriers all across this nation.

Laurence-ParadisIf you use a wheelchair or scooter and can freely travel down sidewalks and cross streets because the corners have curb ramps, Larry did that.  If you are blind and can access websites to shop or read books, Larry did that.  If you are deaf and can watch captioned movies at your local multi-plex theater, Larry did that.  If you have a disability and can enter your polling place and use the voting machine privately, Larry did that.  Larry spent his life working tirelessly so that people with disabilities would be fully included in all aspects of American life.  That is his legacy, and we will love and admire him forever for it.