Longo v. UCSF Medical Center

GBDH partner Linda M. Dardarian and co-counsel Lainey Feingold negotiated a settlement agreement with UCSF Medical Center using Structured Negotiations on behalf of San Francisco disability rights activist August Longo.

In this agreement, UCSF Medical Center agreed to undertake a comprehensive program to evaluate Medical Center programs, policies, services and facilities and improve accessibility for persons with disabilities where necessary.  Among other things, UCSF agreed to modify in-patient bathrooms to make them accessible to patients who use wheelchairs, and to conduct an extensive review of key policies and procedures affecting people with disabilities, making enhancements where needed.  UCSF is also evaluating the availability of accessible medical equipment in UCSF patient care facilities, patient registration systems, and policies for effectively communicating with patients and visitors with disabilities.

Case Documents