Watts, et al. v. Sysco Corp., et al.

Watts, et. al. v. Sysco Corporation et. al., Case No. RG09-464228 (Alameda County) is a class action brought by Marketing Associates working for the six Sysco Operating Companies in California between June 22, 2005 and April 3, 2011.  GBDH, along with co-counsel Hinton Alfert & Sumner, are representing the Plaintiffs.

The case seeks reimbursement for expenses incurred by Marketing Associates traveling to and from customer locations selling the company’s food and food-related products.  Plaintiffs allege, on behalf of the potential class, that Sysco has violated California law by not reimbursing these expenses.  These claims are similar to the ones successfully asserted in the Burdick v. U.S. Foodservice, Inc. case described elsewhere on this website.

In mid-May 2011, the parties reached agreement to expand the scope of the case to include all six Sysco operating companies and to settle the case on a statewide basis.  The settlement includes payment of $17,995,000 to a class of approximately 1,300 Marketing Associates, and institution by Sysco of an expense reimbursement plan.  All costs, fees, and taxes associated with the payments to the class members are included in the settlement amount.

The Superior Court granted final approval of the settlement on September 14, 2011 and settlement checks were disbursed in November, 2011.  Please see the case documents on this page for more information.