Olson v. Sutter Health

Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho, together with co-counsel Disability Rights Advocates in Berkeley, reached a comprehensive, landmark settlement in the disability rights class action entitled Olson, et al. v. Sutter Health, et al., Case No. RG06-302354, Superior Court of Alameda County, on behalf of a class of persons with mobility, visual, speech and hearing disabilities.  The Court granted final approval to the settlement on July 11, 2008.   Under the settlement, Sutter will do the following:

  • Survey every Sutter health care facility in California for architectural barriers to access for persons with mobility impairments (such as inadequate parking facilities, blocked paths of travel, and inaccessible restrooms, patient rooms, exam rooms, waiting areas, laboratories, and pharmacies) and make architectural improvements to remove each of those barriers within the next ten years;
  • Further develop and implement policies and procedures to improve the delivery of health care services to persons with physical disabilities. This includes ensuring that staff are trained, that people with visual and hearing impairments receive effective communication, that people with mobility disabilities are assigned to accessible rooms, and that people with disabilities may be accompanied by their service animals; and
  • Develop plans for purchasing and installing medical equipment designed to accommodate patients with disabilities, such as accessible exam chairs, tables, diagnostic equipment, lift equipment, and weight scales.

Case Documents