Rulli v. Nielsen Company

Rulli v. Nielsen Company (US) is a putative class action pending in the Northern District Court of California (Case No. 3:14-CV-01835 VC and filed on April 22, 2014) on behalf of current and former Field Representatives, Field Quality Specialists, and Market Quality Specialists employed by Nielsen Company (US) in California.  Plaintiffs allege that Nielsen failed to properly compensate Field Representatives for the first thirty minutes of their drive time to and from their home offices each day in violation of federal and California law.  They also allege that Nielsen failed to provide statutorily required meal and rest breaks.  Plaintiffs seek, on behalf of themselves and the putative class, unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wages, premiums for missed meal and rest breaks, and related compensation and penalties.

On or about September 2014, Plaintiffs and Nielsen reached an agreement to settle the case. On January 12, 2015, the Court granted preliminary approval of the proposed class action settlement benefiting approximately 110 current and former Field Representatives employed by Nielsen in California.

On May 21, 2015, the Court granted final approval of the Class Action settlement. Settlement checks were mailed in July 2015.